10 Month Old "McNab" dog free to good home/farm

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  1. >>>>Not an auction...He is free as long as we are assured he has a good home<<<<


    It's a long story but I'll try to be brief with the facts. We were asked to watch Hogan for a week when a friend of a friend went out of town. Well, that was 8 1/2 months ago.
    Hogan was obtained from a very reputable breeder in Northern California (we were told) we do not know who though. He is obviously pure bred Mcnab and was born with a naturally docked tail (a sign of the old lines). Hogan was a St. Patricks baby and is just turning 11 months. He is 52 lbs., very lean and all Mcnab. He is an alpha male and is intact. We have come to love him very much and he is def. spoiled, extremely intelligent, a wonderful watch dog (everything of yours is his to gaurd...you, your house, your children, your livestock, your mailbox, your shoes, etc.) The only problem is that you can tell he really wants to work more in the day and then spend his nights with you in or beside your bed. We just don't have that much for him to do and although we spend alot of time outside on our off hours, you can tell he is board as he just sits there and waits on a leaf to fly by so he can herd it over to the pile LOL.
    He also does not tolerate our other dogs (males) well and would just be so much happier as the only dog or with a larger breed female. Dont get me wrong...he has NO destructive behaviors at all and is fully trained and very smart, he is just bored. He sleeps with our daughter so he can watch her and loves being in with the family in the evening, but just needs a job during the day. If you need a good natural stock dog and are willing to let him be part of the family house in the evening, then Hogan is your dog. OR if you need a great companion and do not have any other dogs...then Hogan is your dog. He is free but we love him and might be a little picky on where he goes. No flying for him either, you must pick him up in Cocke county, TN.
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    He's a beautiful dog! I have 2 neutered beagles (?), but was curious as to what he was. Good luck!
  3. Quote:Most people east of the cont. divide have not heard of the Mcnab breed (thats the way that northern California wants it, lol) To put it in as simple form as I can...they are basically a short haired border collie with a bit more backbone.

    "Warm and even-tempered, the McNab differs from other herding breeds that might act a little skittish sometimes. It is a friendly and tolerant member of any household, getting along with everyone in the family, including children and other pets.
    The McNab is not only hardworking and dependable, itÂ’s also very protective. With attuned senses and a keen intelligence, it has a watchful but restrained way when meeting strangers. Overall, the McNab is a handy helper with a heart of gold."
    Here are a couple links that can explain the very interesting history.



  4. ALso...If Hogan was fixed he would probably get along ok with other fixed male dogs and better even with a female.....he is such a fine example of his breed though we have talked ourselves out of fixing him on a few occasions...
    He loves the car and has taken 8 hour road trips with us very easily. One warning though. Don't leave the bathroom door open if you are taking a shower with him in the house....YOU WILL HAVE COMPANY AND HE CAN OPEN ANY TYPE OF SHOWER DOOR!!!!

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