10 week old pullet with nasty, poopy backside

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Jul 1, 2011
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Hey folks. I'm so frustrated and am asking again for help. I have a 10 week old White Plymouth Rock pullet who has had a messy backside since day one. I treated it as pasty butt, cleaning her several times a day and diligently tried every pasty butt remedy suggested by folks on this forum for the first 6 weeks. It has never seemed to make any difference, other than keeping her cleaned off means she is still alive. At six weeks I decided that perhaps all the fussing and folk remedies might actually be part of the problem, so I just decided to keep an eye on her and leave her alone. Two weeks ago I decided to give her an all over bath. She was such a mess, clumps of black poo hanging off her backside. She was remarkably calm about being bathed and blowed dry and I was delighted how much more comfortable she was with nice fluffy pantaloons for the first time ever. She stayed clean for about two days and then started looking soiled. A week after the first bath I gave her another bath because she was as back to nasty. Now a little over a week later I checked her out and it's horrible. Because her wing feathers and some of her tail feathers are pretty long, I couldn't see how nasty the back end was until I picked her up and parted the feathers.

What could be causing this condition? I received 8 chicks on the same day and the same place and they are all fine and lovely. This problem chick is smaller than the rest but otherwise active, healthy looking, alert, eating and drinking the same thing the others do. Please tell me what I should do.
No I haven't. Would a chick have worms during her first days out of the egg? She's had poopy rear end problems since day one. Also, I've bathed her in the sink twice now and haven't seen any signs of worms or other parasites. However, I'm new at this so there may be something I should look for that I haven't been looking for so any symptoms you can alert me to would be most appreciated.
Lots of chicks get pasty butt. Then she might have picked up worms later. I would try it. Maybe she needs a boost nutritionally . Do you feed any cooked eggs to your birds, or give vitamins?
I gave her a bath this afternoon and then took her to the vet. Since she pooped twice while I was bathing her and again while I was giving her a blow-dry I was able scoop up a stool sample to bring along. The good news is, no worms or other internal parasites. The bad news is it looks like some sort of bacterial infection. He's recommending isolating her and putting Tylin Powder (antibiotic) in her water and seeing what happens after a few days. I've got her isolated in a big dog crate in the garage and she's not happy about it. If it works, it will be worth it though.
Is this the same bird you took to the vet and he put her on tylan soluable powder for a bacterial infection as you mentioned in a posting in "managing your flock?" If it's not the same bird, I recommend that you follow your vets advice and treat her with the tylan as well. Refer back to your other posting for my recommendations.

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