11 month old Easter Egger FINALLY lays!!


10 Years
Apr 5, 2009
I am so excited to share with you that my Easter Egger has finally laid her first egg!
AND ...it's blue!

Now, you may think, whopee,
big deal. However, she is 4 weeks shy of 1 YEAR Old! Isn't that just stinkin' ridiculous!

I was in shock
standing in the coop looking at that blue egg among brown ones. I blinked several times;
thought it was a mirage; the way the sun was shining thru the window.... I finally picked it up and it is the mopst gorgeous color blue!!

My lil' girl did "The duty!"

I have read and researched about Easter Eggers, taking a looooong time to lay. And also that some are so 'mixed' and so far down the line away from the genes that make the olive and blue eggs that they could actually lay brown/tan eggs. This is what I thought was going on.

Our flock is a mix of Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Wyandotte, and Red Stars in addition to the 1 Easter Egger. We purchased them as chicks from our local feed store.

So, I'm here to tell you: IF you have an Easter Egger and she is younger than 1 year old and has not laid...

WAIT! It can still happen!!

Thanks for letting me share!


I am with you on that, I have 6 that were given to me last year as a "thank you for helping'" at the local feed store event. One finally layed an egg, they are 1 week shy of being 11 months old.
What a beautiful blue!!! It looks like it was dyed for Easter.

Seems she saved all her "blue" for the big day. Definitely worth the wait!
Oooooh!! For an egg that color it was worth the wait! Beautiful. It's so frustrating waiting for EEs to lay for the first time, but when they do... look out world! I got two green egg layers this past year. I am hoping for some blues this year (even if I have to resort to buying from a breeder).

Good luck with her.
Wow! What a stunning blue egg!! My two EEs held out for 40+ weeks, but when the eggs came (very pale blue and dark olive green) it was worth the wait!
Unbelievable egg! I'm curious, was she squatting or showing other "pre-egg" signs the whole time or did it seem to come out of nowhere?

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