11 Porcelain d'Uccle pullet flock!! - North Georgia!


8 Years
Jul 28, 2011
Jefferson, GA
I have 11 Porcelian d'Uccle pullets that are 10 weeks old, they have great confirmation and are relatively tame(they come running when they see you and will jump on you if you have treats) they are all feathered out and are in the coop, they are healthy and strong with all of their toes and toe nails!

I am asking $20 per pullet if all pullets or most of the pullets are sold or $25 for each pullet, they are really super nice and I am willing to take any pictures you need to make your decision.

They are priced for what I have in them, fuel, feed and housing, I wouldn't expect to pay any less if I were looking for them.
Also if you take the flock I will throw in a really nice rooster!

Thank you for looking!

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