11 week old Cochins - boys or girls?


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I have posted these a few times before but without any real consensus. I have 6 cochins. 3 "barred" and 3 black. 5 of the 6 seemed to get pretty red combs and wattles the last couple weeks. The 6th is starting to redden up now as well.

They have nothing compared to my 14 week old RIR. And way less than my 12 week old Jersey Giant. But more than I would expect from pullets.

Black #1


Black #1 again

Black #2

Two of the blacks

Two of the blacks

Black #2 plus Barred #1

Barred #1

Barred #1

Barred #1

Barred #1

Barred #2

Barred #2

Barred #2

Barred #3

Barred #3 on left, Barred #1 on right

Barred #1

I think Barred #1 on the top, Barred #2 on the right, Barred #3 on the bottom left.

They are about 11 weeks old now. None of them act particularly "cocky". They are all relatively nice.

On a sidenote, my Jersey Giant cockerel (12 weeks) won't let them eat from the feed dish at the same time as him and the 5 girls from his "batch". Does that mean anything? They have been penned together for at least a month or more. In same pen with a divider since a few weeks old and then together with no divider for the last month+. The cochins are much slower growing. Barred #3 is tiny....almost like a bantam? He had a rough start and has never caught back up. And he still peeps like a little chick.

Any idea if they are boys or girls? PLEASE?
Gee for 12 weeks old i think i seen all pullets. By the time my chickens were 12 weeks old i could really tell who was a roo. The only thing is that i have never had a cochin so i am hoping someone else will come along that has cochins and lets you know what they think. I just love them, they are beautiful.
Our Cochin Bantam Frizzle Rooster was already way more red than the girl we bought on the same day at 1 month or so old. We have 3 Cochin Bantams pullets that are 2 months older than he is and his color is way darker. It's really hard to tell in this picture because of the red table leg but his comb is more orange red.

My Standard Cochin isn't quite as red but his comb is larger than the girl his age. and a little darker. I'm asuming he is a boy at least that what I was told.I think they are about6 maybe eight weeks.
I bought them as pullets from the TSC pullet bin..........but you know how accurate that can be

I didn't plan on keeping all of them but.....they're so much nicer than some of the other chickens. I'm keeping the barred ones and at least 1 of the blacks.

Wanda, I don't want any more roos but if you were closer, I would definitely give you a couple pullets
yes, the feathers look pullet-y to me too. Although one of the blacks (black #2, I think) does have much shinier feathers than the other two......on my Jersey Giants, the cockerel had much shinier feathers early on. We'll see! I could deal with 1 rooster in the bunch.....as long as it is not 5 or 6!

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