11 week old pullet died suddenly

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  1. AmyJane725

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    Sorry for your loss. Figures it's always the favorite. :(:hugs
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  2. coach723

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    I honestly only bring chicks in, too much risk with other birds of bringing in disease like Mareks or CRD. Others do bring in adults. Any birds new to your ground, no matter what age, may not be immune to whatever strain you have, assuming it's coccidia. If you bring in an adult bird you will need to quarantine for a month at least, to watch for any signs of illness before exposing your flock so that that bird doesn't (hopefully) bring something in. I personally would add chicks for that reason. If you know of a source that you trust, then you could add a couple near the ages of the ones you have now. It's easier to integrate birds that have a friend than it is to integrate a single bird, but it can be done if you've lots of patience and time.
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    I would rather get three or four chicks than one started pullet. I prefer to know how they've been handled since day-one, how their health has been, and all of the personality nuances that you otherwise miss if you bring in a new adult, or nearly adult hen. I find that adult birds brought in after the fact tend to remain skittish, distrusting, and to bring in ONE new hen to an existing flock of two puts her at a disadvantage from the outset. She doesn't outnumber them, and it's not her home turf. You could likely integrate chicks (depending on how cold it is there) at six to eight weeks, if you provide hidey-holes that they can get into and the big girls cannot. I much prefer to integrate them long before they are perceived as a threat to resources, for me, it's been a much smoother transition. Buying extra chicks covers your bases on 'fail to thrive', 'early coccidiosis when they first have access to the ground', and cockerels, while giving the chicks buddies to grow up with, chickens are very social creatures.
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  4. Kiki

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    Give them each 3 undiluted drops of the Corid straight to the beak now and again tomorrow...in addition to the water mixture.
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    May 15, 2019
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    Thank you all! Texaskiki, I fed them scratch from my hand with drops of Corid on it and made fresh medicated water. They seem to be doing fine and their poop looks good. I will continue the treatment and I have contacted my vet and should hear more tomorrow. I appreciate input from tycine1 and coach723 about getting younger chicks! I’m going to wait a bit to make sure the infection is clear and get a few more young ones. We are building a new run to connect to the coop, but my plan is to have them free range again when I know everyone is healthy!
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