11 week old with possible vent prolaspe

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  1. chickypoo4

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    Aug 1, 2010
    last Sunday(1week ago)I notice my 11 week old BR not jumping out of coop with others in morning. On exam I noted bloody mess on tail feathers below vent and a little finger size prolaspe. It was dark in color and long verses being bulbus. I washed my girl off with a warm soak and betadine applied a lubricant and gently pressed ?prolapse back in.She had a couple of minimal prolaspes with stools later in day witch I attended to in the same fashion. The prolapsing stopped after the first day. Her activity level was fairly normal in the begining but it has decreased to bairly standing now.
    I have kept her separated from others for the past week with the exception of 2 days where she seemed to be improving, mid week, I let her be with the others for several hours but their area is large and I monitored the goings on.
    Her appetite was ok during the begining part of week but she has gradually stopped eating. She went from normal diet(blue Seal grower) to primarily bugs to nothing.She has continued to drink H2O.She has been having stools, though they lack any dark colored part. They were white and watery and are now yellow and watery. And strong smelling.

    Yesterday I noticed her crop was huge. I looked puffed crop on line and they rec. message, mineral oil and turn chick upside down to empty. I skipped oil but did turn her upside down and foul, foul liquid and some meal worms I fed her 2 days beforecame up. Her crop was and is again large but soft, I can actually see the fluid though her skin.I can feel pebbly grit also.
    This afternoon she had a stool (yellow/strong smell) I checked her vent as is now habit. I noticed a corded yellow hunk of poo hanging from vent. it was yellow and gritty . I thought "great she must be passing what ever was stopping her up!"I gently tried to remove it but it was quite stuck there. Ionce again palced her in warm soak with betadine and washed her up in hopes of it's removal. After washing area, it is my belief that this is the same ?tissue involved with her prolapse on now it is no longer dark it is pale and yellowish.I'm sure my pulling has now helped her condition and I feel terrible
    I know there is nothing that can be done for her, I will take her to vet to be put down tomorrow, if she makes the night(which I don't think she will) I am keeping her warm and as comfortable as able.
    My question is What could have happened? I have 10 girls and 2 roos all same age. I had a shortage of roosts so many slept on box . It was my belief that maybe someone grabbed her vent and pulled but she seemed to be improving. I was encouraged mid week as she did have a more normal colored stool after a meal of bugs.
    This is my first attempt at keeping chickens and I just love them and am crushed that this has happened.

    Thank you for any imput.
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    Jun 7, 2010
    It is sad that you didn't post earlier. Sounds like she has a big infection and it may be as you suspect too late to help her anymore. Prolapses are rare in young chicks, I lost a hen to prolapse - it sounds like more than that by what you have said. It is never wise to pull at anything hanging from your birds unless you are sure you know what it is.
    Could be a damaged overy?

    I hope some one comes along with more experience. -

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    Aug 1, 2010
    I actually did post earlier, but I didn't recieve any replies. I am really crushed by this, sick to my stomach. I lost her about an hour ago. I realize I have no experience and my girl died as a result of it.
    Her "prolapse" was sudden and bloodied (probably by the others) It didn't look like the "prolapsed vent" picts I was able to find. It looked to be liver colored tube about one inch long. What would have caused such a thing? She is(was) to young for eggs. Diet? they are not free range but they have a 40x40 foot enclosure for 12 chicks.
    I took her to a friend with chickens(but not experienced with prolapse) we soaked her bum in warm water with betadine solution , and gently pushed it back in. She did seem to be on the mend. However her poo was never right. Could she have been obstructed? and if so what could I have done to help her ?
    When she pooed earlier it truly looked like a piece of poo stuck in her. After I washed her off I believe it to be what prolasped last Sunday.
    Yes she could have had an infection. Can you reccomend a braod spectrum antibiotic availabe at farm stores?
    Thanks for replying.
    and yes I too hope someone with more experience comes along, it feels awful knowing so little and having very little support at local feed store.
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    Dec 4, 2009
    Prolapsed vents eventually prolapse again, she would have been in more pain the second round as she would have has eggs coming out/stuck.

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