11yr old mare f/s.MUST re-home!Wonderful girl,pics + video link!N.E.PA


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This is Mustang Fury. She is 11 years old, bay, built like a tank
, and has a great personality. Mustang has excellent ground manners, no bad habits in or out of the field, is healthy, has good feet, and is an easy keeper. She is really not afraid of anything - I can walk her right up to a tarp blowing in the wind, ride her next to the tractor while my husband is in the field working the hay, she is also fine with other animals, motorcycles, and all kinds of farm equipment. Mustang will go out on trail alone just fine, or with friends. She is simple to ride, but I wouldn't say absolute beginner type yet. I have re-started her after she was a broodmare for 6-7 years, so she is still a little rusty. Mustang has no buck or rear, and she does what I ask of her. She would make a great 4-H horse, a trail horse, dressage, or almost what ever you would want her for. Mustang also trailers just fine, clips, you can spray her, and she is good with the other horses. Please feel free to ask any questions, vet checks are welcome on any of my horses (at buyers expense), and I am available for trailering at an additional cost. You may also call me at (484)707-8856

Video Link to Mustang's youtube movie



hi she's cute how big is she? like hands and does she ride western? thanks
Hi, Mustang is 15.3/16h, and built
She can easily carry a western saddle, but she doesn't know how to neck rein, so you'd have to teach her that. Here's her youtube video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-uKScnLktQ

does ground tie (at least at home
) - I don't have the guts to try it elsewhere
I am looking for a good home for her, and am flexible on her $... Please feel free to call me @ (484)707-8856. I also have references that I have permission to give out their emails if you'd like.
ok thanks i will maybe look into it I love horses yeah I watched her youtube video and she is very pretty!
Mustang isn't actually a mustang
Plus, not all horses will buck &/or rear. It depends on their attitude, how they're started and trained, and just how they're handled. Always lots of complicated factors to horses

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