12+ Bantam Cochin eggs - SQ Mottled & Frizzles


11 Years
Sep 10, 2008
Lakeland, FL
This is for 12+ eggs from a pen of SQ Mottled Cochins, with a few other hens. All roos are Mottled. This is what I have in there:

1 Black Mottled
2 Blue Mottled
1 Splash Mottled Frizzle

2 Blue Mottled
1 Splash
1 Red
1 Red Frizzle

I am working on uploading a pic, but it is telling me I have the wrong file type...will upload it as soon as I can figure it out.
i would bid on these, but frizzle x frizzle makes a bird with messed up feathers. i had a frazzle once and it was sad
The only frizzle hen in the pen is quite young and I seriously doubt she's laying yet anyways. Plus there are 3 non-frizzled roos in the pen.
The forum keeps giving me an error when I'm trying to upload the picture. It tells me it's the wrong file type, even though my computer says it's a JPEG.
Any ideas?

ETA: If anyone is interested in the pics I have I can always send them via e-mail.
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I'm a moron when it comes to colors. Are they all in the same pen and what colors are possible? Mottle of various colors?
You will be able to get black, blue, or splash mottled (with possibility of frizzled), along with a mix of red/mottled (not sure what that gives you) if the red girls are laying.

I will try to e-mail pics to everyone tonight. I worked a 14-hr shift Friday night, a 20-hr shift yesterday, and am headed into a 16-hr shift tonight, so I haven't had a lot of time to play! I have the pics on my laptop and will try my best to e-mail them tonight! Thanks for your patience!

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