12+ Bantam Polish, Chocolates & other rare colors


Brook Valley Farm
12 Years
Mar 1, 2007
Auction ends Sunday, April 25th. Payment required at auction end, as eggs will be collected over the weekend to be shipped Monday, April 26th.

To the winning bidder I will send 12 (plus any extras the girls provide) from two of my bantam Polish pens. These two pens (eggs will be marked as to which pen they came from) are set up to produce several different colors--this is an excellent chance to get some unique, rare color varieties of bantam Polish. These are not mixed colors. All varieties you hatch will be pure. All varieties you might hatch, with the exception of chocolate cuckoo, are recognized colors within the breed. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the colors/genetics, what colors can be bred to what colors & what they will produce, etc. I cannot guarantee the quality of the birds you will hatch, but all of my stock originated with private breeders and I do my best to breed toward the SOP & with the intent to produce show quality birds for myself. The two pens are set up as follows:

Pen 1: White crested black rooster over wc blue frizzle, wc chocolate cuckoo, and wc black hens. This pen could produce white crested blacks, wc blues, wc chocolates, wc cuckoos, and wc chocolate cuckoos, with a small chance of a frizzle in black or blue (only one blue frizzle hen in the pen).

Pen 2: White crested chocolate rooster over wc chocolate (one is a frizzle) and wc black hens. This pen could produce wc blacks, wc chocolates, and wc khakis, with a small chance of a frizzle in (only one chocolate hen is a frizzle).

I want you to have good results, and I will only send fresh, well-packaged eggs. I am having great hatch rates here at home, but due to shipping, incubator issues, and other circumstances beyond my control, I cannot guarantee your results. Shipping is $12.50 and includes delivery confirmation. Payment by PayPal only for this auction because, as stated above, payment will be required at auction end so I can ship your eggs the next day. I am an AI & Pullorum tested/free flock.

If you have any questions, please ask!





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