12+ button PLUS 36+ coturnix QUAIL EGGS F/S from KY~~Ship Sat. $20


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
I have an order for just my jumbo browns' eggs that I'm filling, so the eggs from the other colors only are available for the next 4 days (counting today). The other colors are white, tibetan, tuxedo, cinnamon, golden, and red-golden---all pharoah sized.

The buttons' eggs up to today have been sold, but tomorrow and Friday's eggs will be included. The buttons are all mixed together, but the only color that hasn't hatched from my eggs is splash.

They can be seperated, but this price is for all of them together. If you want one or the other, just let me know!

I normally charge $15 for 18+ on the buttons (including shipping), and $6 (shipping extra) for 18+ coturnix.

You can have all these eggs (48+) for the low-low price of $20 including shipping!!
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I wish I was set up for this...
You need an incubator!!

I have 30 button eggs so far, plus whatever is gathered from today, tomorrow, and Friday.
Coturnix egg count from yesterday is 14, also plus today, tomorrow, and Friday
If it wasnt winter here already i'd do it!....but caring for them up here in the winter will just be too much work for me..

So, you may ask..what was the point of your post then redhen?? Nothing! Just wanted to say hello Shelley!
Silly girl! Fall just started, it can't be winter!

I have 36 button eggs as of now, plus whatever I get tomorrow and Friday!
The coturnix took a bit of a break today, but there is a total of 24 eggs from them, plus tomorrow and Friday

I can seperate them if you want only buttons or only coturnix.

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