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    Nov 6, 2009
    I have more up and these are doing pretty good at hatching out when the PO doesn't play Kickball with the packages.

    I'm going to start to collect them all tomorrow. I have 7 hens laying right now. Some went broodie on me. Bad girls! Going to try and get as many as I can sent off Tuesday or Wednesday as long as I have recieved payment.

    I'll try to get some better picks up this weekend if I get a chance.

    Most of these hatch out looking like FBCMs. Hard to tell apart until they feather in. Most even have the feathered shanks, but a few have been hatching out clean too.

    They have the most beautiful brown and copper feathering. Can't wait to see tham all feathered out and grown. They'll be pretty birds that lay a brown egg and more often than a Marans. They are growing at the same rate as the FBCM chicks or better. My Games start laying way before the FBCMs do too.

    These are being hatched out so that I have good layers of brown (not as dark as FBCM, but should be a nice color) egg, able to deal with heat, go broodie and should be great meat birds too. I hear Marans are very tasty! I just can't eat my pure boys. LOL

    Some have had a few hatch out a cocoa brown. I have one that hatched out this way. I'm hoping I get more of them to keep in my layer flock. The feathering is lighter than the black chicks and really pretty.

    I've been selling a lot of these chicks. They paid for feed last month, so I'm hatching out as many as I can to help take care of my feed costs.

    It gets hot here in the Central Valley. My Games do really well, so I wanted something that would deal with that and still give me eggs. When I heard Marans were great meat birds I thought this would be a great mix. What doesn't lay eggs can be processes.

    These eggs are white to cream and on the small side. The birds are not small birds though. The birds hatched from these should lay a much bigger egg for you and brown at that.

    I have actually donated some chicks to a Hungry Families organization. They help people who are able to raise them for both meat and eggs and I guess if they are able, they share eggs with others in the program who can not keep chickens. They'll also be helping to do the processing. Trying to find the information I was given, but I'm going to have to hunt them down and donate a few more.

    So far everyone seems happy with these, so I'll continue to offer more here and there.

    Payment is through Paypal


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