12 + Lavendar Orpington Project Eggs


10 Years
Jan 30, 2009
Project Lavendar Orpington Eggs. NPIP

Shipping is included.

I will send at least 12, more if available. I have had great hatching here, fertility has been 100% in the last month.

These birds have become my favorite of all my breeds. They are friendly and actually lay eggs almost every day!
I have 2 hens that have a little English in them, which I love to see. They are balls of bluff! You will get eggs from all 4 of my hens, 2 are just Hinkjc lines and the other 2 have 1/4 English. There are 2 roosters in the pen, but the Hinkjc line only roo is the dominant, so most of the eggs are fertilized by him but should have some diversity.

Please email me if you have questions.
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I forgot to add, that I will make sure you get chicks. If your hatch is not good, I resend eggs just for the shipping.
I want some of these so bad but not ready to get my incubating area set up, will you continue to sell these through Spring?
I hope so! They are hatching so well that I think I will be overun with chicks soon and can't keep on hatching them forever! LOL

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