12+ Lavender Bantam Ameraucana eggs NPIP

Little Ameraucana Mom

Need Help, Can't stop hatching!!!
14 Years
Jul 8, 2008
Greencastle, In
Please do not bid just email me.
paypal: [email protected]

I still have BBS eggs also. same price and terms.

I would trade for :
Lavender Bantam Ameraucana eggs (not my bloodlines)
Black or BBS Bantam Ameraucana eggs (not my bloodlines)
SQ Polish
SQ Dark cornish bantam
Or maybe another SQ Bantam Breed

Orders will be shipped in order of payment recieved.

When you pay PLEASE put in the message area, what you bought and if you are wanting them shipped at a later time. Plus phone number if you want to pick them up ,ect. With so many people ordering it would make it alot easier for me. . Thank You. !!

12+ Lavender Bantam Ameraucana eggs.



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I cant figure out how to leave feedback because I purchased by P.M. but i need to rave about Little Ameracauna Moms eggs and packaging!

I ordered 12, received 19!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONE were cracked, none were broken, none were dirty...they were beautifully packed, it was like christmas morning opening up each individual egg.
They were shipped so fast, absolutely amazing

I am very excited for these- thank you thank you!!!

I just received these eggs yesterday (plus many extras) and they took FOREVER to unpack
No possibility of broken eggs with this seller! They are the cutest blue bantam eggs we have ever seen! Thanks and we'll let you know how the hatch goes.

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