12+ LF Lavender Ameraucana's (24hrs)

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Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY
My turkey eggs finally came in the mail so I'm setting them along with some lavender ameraucana's. The incubator is full, So here's what I have to offer today.

12+ purebred LF lavender/ split lavender ameraucana eggs

Your odds of hatching a lavender is at least 50% ...here's the math.
............eggs are coming from my split lavender ladies which means, when fathered by the lavender rooster, half will be split lavender (visually black) the other half will be visually lavender.

I cannot gaunantee any lavenders will hatch but there is at least a 50% chance. Fertility is great!

UPDATE: Your odds may be increased. I have a couple extra lav x lav eggs so I'll put those in. If they hatch the chick(s) will be Lavender

Eggs are collected from last Saturday- this Saturday and will be shipped Monday. Eggs will be carefully packaged, and sent priority mail (a flat rate box) with a tracking number.

At this time I only accept paypal, to ensure egg freshness.

Here's some eye candy...
Lavender chicks

These are from my split lavender ladies

Lavender Hen

Lavender Rooster (getting ready to crow, hense the puffed out chest)

The whole gang free ranging in the summer

Split Lavender and Lavender chicks
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May 12, 2009
Burton, OH
this is so, SO not fair! We will be leaving for vacation on March 31 and will not return until April 7, so the soonest I could put these in the bator would be next Sunday, so that I can be home for lockdown.
That would put some of these eggs at 14 days before being incubated, isn't that too long to hold them?

gosh, i just really, really want some of these birds, they are just beautiful. I may not be able to hold out and just might HAVE to put in a bid.

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