12+ Mohawk Rhode Island Red Eggs

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    Standard Bred Mohawk Rhode Island Red​

    Hatching Eggs for Sale​

    We raise and bred single combed large fowl, of the Mohawk/Reese Bloodline. Eggs are $35.00/dozen and have $15.00 shipping. We ship to 48 states, and accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Personal Checks.


    Hatching Egg Disclaimer:
    Understand, that hatching eggs are a risk! Quick Family Farm cannot guarantee that eggs will hatch. Why? Because we cannot control how kind the post master is to the eggs, or account for various incubators, and incubation skill levels.

    How I Package Eggs:
    Eggs under four days of age are unwashed, sorted by weight and size, and candled for fractures. Selected eggs are individually wrapped in a bubble wrap pouch, and nestled into a box of non-collapsable (No Paper!) packing materials. This box is then taken and placed inside a larger box. In the larger box, the sides are lined in bubble wrap, and extra space is filled with packing peanuts. The box is taped, and labeled fragile…hatching eggs.

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