12+ Silkie Eggs RI/MA 25.00 Shipped


11 Years
Nov 24, 2008
Little Rhody
I have a batch of 12 plus eggs that can go out first thing tomorrow morning. The parents are white and partridge hens covered by a white roo and a blue roo. This combo has been producing some decent offspring as shown in the pics. My hatch rates here have been amazing. Post SOLD and pm for details.
Are you getting all three colors in the hatched chicks? Just curious, as I might be interested in these. Thanks!
It's been my experience with these eggs, that if I hatch 10 chicks I usually get 7 or 8 whites and 2 or 3 partridge. I just put the blue rooster in last week. I waited over a year to find the "right" blue roo. and he found me a couple weeks ago.
Well in a couple of weeks when my incubator is free he should be "making his mark" so to speak on the eggs from your flock for sure by then. I will PM you after this hatch to see if you have any available at that time. Your partridge is a very attractive color as well!

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