12 week chicks and feed


9 Years
Apr 16, 2010
I have 12 week old chickens and I have laying hens I was wondering if I combined them if I can also combine their feed I'm sure the chickens will just eat whatever feed they go to in The Henhouse so I was wondering if at this point I could combine the feed if it would be harmful to the chickens. Maybe mix it half and half?
I feed everyone either a non medicated starter grower or an All Flock with a separate bowl of oyster shells.
As above. If combining young birds with layers then use an all flock type feed. Stick with what you're currently feeding the chicks and supply calcium supplement on the side for the active layers. We use Oyster shell too. My flock is all on non medicated starter or all on turkey/gamebird finisher depending how large the youngest birds are. Around 10-12 weeks they can handle pellet feed so that's when the Turkey finisher is used until next season of chicks hatching then back to crumbles.

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