12 Week old Wheaten Marans Roo, Free in Grand Junction,CO


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
We've got a 12 week old Wheaten Marans Rooster (we're pretty sure that's what he is, but don't know his lineage for certain), that needs a home. Free in Grand Junction, CO. He's in good health, and gets along with the rest of the flock. Thanks!

Yes, we've found him a home, but we seem to have hit the rooster jackpot. Of four "straight run" Marans chicks, 3 are certainly roosters. The wheaten has found a home, I;ve got a home lined up for the Black copper, but we've got one blue copper that'll need a home. There's a chance the blue copper could be a pullet, but very doubtful based on behavior and appearance, though it isn't crowing yet (though neither did the black copper until the wheaten left).


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