12+ Welsummer Hatching Eggs

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    Okie Dokie, here's something for all you Welsummer Aficionados! Whether you be an Enthusiast or a Fanatic, I think some, if not many, of you will like this.

    My friend, and long time breeder of Welsummers, would like to help me out with hatching egg orders. It's a long story but I'm not going to be able to sell anymore Welsummer Hatching Eggs this year so he is going to handle all my overflow and additional orders this year.

    So what's the big deal you say? Well, here's your chance to get both Bantam and Large Fowl Welsummer eggs from one of the original Welsummer Breeders that was responsible for getting the breed accepted into the APA. In other words, this guy knows his Welsummers. He's also, of course, where I got my stock from. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that he has had Bantam Welsummers in the USA longer than anyone and is one of only a few to have them at all.

    So why doesn't he just come to BYC himself? Well, he's an older Gentleman - and I emphasize Gentleman - and isn't very computer savvy. So I help him out as I can.

    We both sell our eggs for $48/dozen which includes shipping and a few extra "insurance" eggs. If you are interested, please send me a personal email - not a PM - with your request and contact info. Then I'll get your info to him so he can contact you personally. I don't know how to do this auction thing so I hope this will suffice.

    The ONLY thing I ask in return is that you treat my friend with the utmost respect and kindness. I've had a couple of dealing with a few absolute jerks on a couple of sites and I'd be sorely disappointed to hear someone treated him poorly.

    God Bless,
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    Oooh I want some! Incubator is packed away til after vacation but I'm marking this for mid-June if he'll still have some then.
    Royce do you still have Barnevelders? They're still my favorite but I like Wellie egg color.

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