12 white leghorns from TS..all hens?


8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
Hi everybody, I bought 12 white leghorn chicks from Tractor Supply 6 weeks ago. From what I read on here, I should be able to tell by now which are hens and which are roos. The thing is, they all look exactly the same!! I know I have mostly hens, their tail feathers go straight up... but I was hoping for at least one rooster...Not one of them has a pink/reddish comb... Is it possible that they could ALL be hens? or maybe they aren't leghorns? Here is a picture that shows what they look like in case they arent leghorns at all.. they arent very big. They were born around April 11... thanks

Hi dinahmoe, I am in southwestern PA....I would gladly trade you... i never dreamed I would end up with 12 hens, bought straight run... I also bought 50 barred rocks, and bought them sexed (hens) Now I am hoping they made a mistake on one... Im pretty sure I have a roo... he is alot lighter and his comb is bigger and turning pink... they are only 4 weeks old... the leghorns I stare at daily searching for a pink comb, but no luck so far.
Look at your receipt... They were probably sold as pullets to you. Ours gets a bunch of pullets in one bin and straight run in the other to offer.
they were definately sold as strait run... i couldnt be happier... just wish there was ONE roo...anybody have one to trade? i live 50 or so miles from Pittsburgh...
I was looking on Craiglist, and found someone giving away 2 young roosters that are half white leghorn and half amberlink... not sure if I should get them or hold out for a pure leghorn... leaning towards keeping it pure.. any thoughts on this?? thank you for your replys.

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