12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along

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Welcome to the 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along

It's that time again! Every year, many members come together to set eggs to hatch on the exact same day - the day BEFORE Easter. As a group last year we had 3173 eggs set for hatching! If you are new to hatching, this is a great way to get a lot of help, tips, and advice. Join in the fun for the largest BYC Hatch-Along of the year!

Set Chicken eggs on Saturday, March 13th at Noon (whatever time zone you are in). Other poultry breed setting dates listed in the table below:
Type of EggDays to HatchSet Dates
Emu49 - 55February 7 to February 13
Muscovy duck35February 27
Goose28 - 32March 2 to March 6
Pheasant22 - 29March 5 to March 12
Mallard (derived) duck, goose,28March 6
Turkey, Guinea, Peafowl28March 6
Call duck and other bantam ducks26March 8
Bobwhite quail23March 11
Seramas other small bantams19 - 21March 13 to March 15
Chickens21March 13
Pigeons17 - 19March 15 to March 17
Coturnix quail18March 16
Doves14 - 16March 18 to March 20
Button quail16March 18

To join the hatch-along, simply post in this thread that you wish to enter and we will add you! Set dates for each type of domestic fowl are listed above.

This thread is our main chat thread for the hatch-along where you can find anything from new friends, awesome incubation help, to the most detailed educational discussions possible, and how could we forget the laughter and fun!

This post of the hatch-along will be updated as we move along with all the important information you will need, but if you find yourself with a question, just post it on the thread, everyone is helpful!

All of the contests are held in separate threads. To enter each contest you must visit each contest thread, read the rules, and enter the contest.

If you end up not setting any eggs, please let us know! It makes it easier for our record keeping and we don't have to try to track you down!

Places to find hatching eggs:

Incubation, Hatching, & Baby Chick Threads

Educational hatching articles:

The hatch-along is open to all BYC members.
Staff & VPMs may enter for fun but are not eligible for prizes.
All contest prizes are limited to one per person per contest.
All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
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