13 week old EE: pullet or roo?

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Apr 27, 2016
Hey everyone! Do any of you have any idea if this EE is a pullet or a roo? I have been certain that "she" was a pullet, but her comb and wattles have gotten markedly bigger and redder in the last two weeks. She is definitely the queen bee around the run and makes sure the other girls get into the coop at bedtime, leads them around the backyard when we let them out, and just now charged at my son when he got too close to the other girls for "her" comfort. I'm still leaning toward a pullet, an especially dominant one, but still a pullet. Here are a couple pics:



Guess that settles that!
A little disappointing, I was hoping for blue eggs... Oh well! Any idea what breeds might've gone into the mix? Thanks!

I agree that's a female, and doesn't look like it has any EE blood to me. Straight comb, yellow legs, clean face, rounded dual purpose body shape, that coloring......none says EE. She'll probably lay nice soft brown eggs.
That's a hen, and it looks like some sort of mixed breed. Reminds me of a columbian wyandotte, but that breed has a different comb.

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