14 day old silkies -MISSING! :-( Could it have been a snake?

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Apr 22, 2013
I went out this morning to let the chicken out of the coop and to check on the silkies that we have in a separate pen... well, they're gone. They were there last night...now, POOF! I have the pen wrapped in poultry mesh, although there are a few teeny spots I guess they could squeeze out of. But they would have to plop down 6" because they are up in a pen on a platform and then there is another 6" drop from the next platform to the floor. My husband accidentally left the inside door to our outside enclosure opened all night too. I am sure they're long gone --eaten by something -- but I just can't imagine that they'd go thru that much trouble to escape. There are 3 other chickens in that main pen, 2 males, 11 weeks old (Blue Andalusian and Speckled Sussex) and a 11 week Cornish x female who got mixed in with the boys for the fair. We kept her. My other adults are in the inoor/outdoor pen next door. nothing could get from one to the next --it's a 100 year old barn w/ concrete separating the 2. Big guys free range all day and the little ones are in but can still hang out in their outside run. (Which is covered w/ poultry mesh) The fencing (since they aren't USUALLY out at night) isn't completely covered with mesh, it is in spots but I know that there is a ton of spaces for teeny silkies to escape that portion IF they found their way out if their enclosure. (I had their enclosure covered w/ mesh as well)

Last night was 40 degrees... and so I am sure they wouldn't make it even if they didn't get eaten and I were to find them. Just totally sucks, they are my 7 year old son's -- we just got them. I know he is going to be even more upset than I am! Just a vent. I'm going to go back out an look around for them but the property is pretty big with lots of nooks.

I looked again and again just now with no luck. Since the small opening (maybe 15x15) from the inside barn pen to the outside run was opened, I wonder if a snake of some kind could have done it? not sure if there are any snakes in Central Ohio that could/would but I'd be dumb to not consider it as a possibility. Those silkies were to teeny tiny too -- it could have found its way in I am sure, then right back out. Maybe I am insane?
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[:th I am so sorry! I live in Arizona and have a coyote problem along with Owls. We have a temporary dog kennel coop and we have to move the girls Into a big box inside the coop to protect them...mostly baby chicks sleep at night..maybe they crawled I to a small area to keep warm? So sorry for you tho.

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