14 Week Old SLW Gender?


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Silver Laced Wyandotte is supposed to be a hen. I ordered her for my mom from McMurray Hatchery, and I think she is a cockerel. However! I wanted to make sure by asking some egg-spert (haha) opinions.

Also, I have come up on a fact of my own flock and wanted to know if this holds true to all chickens. Every one of my cockerels around the age of 10 weeks start getting a greenish sheen on their saddle and tail feathers. If there is black, hold it in indirect sunlight, and I see the green tinting over the black. It's very pretty! Anyway, do ALL cockerels get that, or is it just certain breeds?

KK, Thanks a bunch.
Looks like a hen to me.How old is it? If it has very pointed feathers on the saddle and there is a greenish tinge to the black, then I think it might be a rooster. I vote hen (pullet). It just looks like a female head etc..
I think its a pullet. The coloring is typical of a female Silver-Laced Wyandotte, the comb/wattles aren't that developed, and I don't see any obviously pointed saddle and hackle feathers.
100% pullet. If it was a cockerel, it would have more wattle/comb. And, yes-sometimesboys do get more of the green shine to the tail feathers, but it just depends on the bird.

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