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  1. This morning I got up and started my usual 6:00 am routine of feeding my animals, as I went into my garage to get my dogs food and was greeted by my usual "Good Morning!" quack through the garage window, from Grace, our duck. After I opened my garage and the light kicked on from the garage door opener, I heard the craziest sound I ever heard from my chickens. I at first thought my wife's cat got in there and had a chicken. But when I look out the window I was just in time to see our Barred Rock Rooster doing what I can only gues was his first attempt at crowing, if thats what you would call it!LOL He sounded like he was gargling rocks![​IMG][​IMG] He did this about 6 times or so, and it was sooo funny! He is only about 13 to 14 weeks old. Isn't this pretty young? I was told before that they usually start around a year old or so. Also, do they get louder as they get older? If they don't than I am going to be VERY happy, because he wasn't that loud at all.[​IMG] My ducks morning quack is louder...also, could my duck have spured him on to crow this early? Like I said, she has a pretty loud morning greeting, but is very quiet all other times.[​IMG] Any ways, that's all I wanted to know, is this really young? And do they get louder later on?(I know he will get better at it, I hope)
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    I am not sure, but I have a young polish rooster that is trying to learn to crow and it is not like anything else I have heard in awhile. It is too funny. I am guessing he is about 3-4 months old.
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    My EE's started around 8 weeks, but it was pretty pathetic. Kind of sounded like they were saying Uh-oh. Unfortunately they will get louder.
  4. My EE, George, the hen-pecked boy started to crow at about 7-8 weeks. What a shock? Well, not so much I knew his tail feathers looked a little different. Of course, now he only has 4 tail feathers left.

    His crow is getting more consistent, but sounds more like a cartoon character.

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    Most of the roosters i have hatched here start crowin at 7-10 weeks old. I have one in the basement right now who is 12 weeks old and just started to crow, he sounds like a baby calf going MOOOOOOOOOOO its hillarious
  6. Too loud and he (Col. Sander's is his name BTW) might have to go. [​IMG]I dont think I'm aloud roosters within city limits.
  7. I know...It sounds nothin like I expected. If I hadn't seen him do it I don't thing I would have know what it was. Like I said, I thought the cat got one of em. I just spoke to my neighbors, I told them he may start crowing soon, and if it's too bad not to worry, I'll get rid of him so that they don't get mad. I was told they would get mad at me if I got rid of him for crowing![​IMG] I have SUCH great neighbors!! They said that they grew up on farms and LOVE the sound of a rooster! I HAVE to give them a BUNCH of eggs. I just hope they start laying soon so that I can. [​IMG]

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