15 eggs!


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
That's how many we used today!!!!
OMG! My eggs are GONE!

We started with egg burritos for breakfast. I made pumpkin pie and pumkin bread. Then hubby and I made a homemade moose. We are down to 3 eggs, the d'uccle ones too, so they are small.

Hubby promised his dad we'd bring him a 6 pack on Monday. It doesn't look like thats going to happen. At least we will have enough eggs to make pancakes tomorrow.

I'm expecting 6-7 new eggs tomorrow, but we eat and use them just about everday.
Our pullets starting laying 2 weeks ago and I made the family wait til he had a full dozen eggs before we ate any. The day we got to a dozen we used them all. I felt bad.
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We did the same thing.

To think in the begininning that we only needed 2 hens for our family. Oh, I was so wrong. 8 still isn't enough.

We are going to hatch a couple and keep the hens. Maybe we will get lucky and hatch only hens.
My 9 hens started laying 3 weeks ago. the first 8-9 days I was getting 5-7 eggs a day, as of 9 days ago I am now getting 9 eggs a day!!! That 5 dozen a week!!! Yikes!!!
And I have only used up about 2 dozen so far!!
And can't wait for spring to arrive, I WANT MORE CHICKENS AND CHICKS!!!!!

I guess that's why I'm call the chickencrazylady!!!!
LOL.... We use a lot of eggs for our family of 5. I make 95% of our food from scratch, so we use eggs in cooking/baking too.

I'm lucky if I get 8 eggs in one day from all 8 hens, it has happened last week twice. However, we ate those eggs in one day. I will eat them right off the nest while still warm. Now that's a fresh egg!

We promised eggs to our family/neighbors, but we go through them so quickly. My neighbor has a rooster, so we are going to put him in our coop for a weekend when we have a broody sitter and hopefully hatch from our own flock. Our girls have met this rooster several times, as he comes over to visit them. My girls don't seem to mind him at all. My neighbor might buy an incubator. I'd pay for 1/2 the cost of a cheap one. We still haven't decided if we are getting the incubator. Now that would be trouble.
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