15 White JG hatching eggs


10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
south georgia
Up for auction is 15White JG hatching eggs. These need to ship tommorrow. Great hatches here, or course cannot guarantee due incubation methods and handling by the PO.

Sorry to say, my hens only layed on egg today, so total eggs shipped will be 15. I'm at their mercy!

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I want to jump in here to say that I got these eggs from Susan at the end of last year. She packs EXTREMELY well and I think only 2 eggs weren't fertile. My birds are coming along nicely and although they won't lay for a while yet, I'm thrilled with them. Big huge birds, just amazing size and so docile. If I had the incubator room, I'd buy these eggs, just to have more of these great birds!

Susan is great to work with, great communication and you just can't go wrong with her or her eggs or birds!

Thank you so much for the compliments. I'd include a pic of myself here, but my head has just swollen up with pride that it wouldn't fit!
I tried to PM you Susan but your inbox is full. I crossposted this on my Facebook. I hope you don't mind. I would really love for others to have these fabulous birds as well. I just LOVE mine!!

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