150 watt vs 250 watt?

Why not try the heating pad system of brooding instead of the old fashioned heat light? It's ideal for just a few chicks like you're planning, as well as larger numbers.

I brooded two batches of chicks under this system this year and the second batch was just three chicks.The heating pad is fastened to a wire frame and during the first week, it's situated very low over the backs of the babies. As the babies grow, you raise the frame incrementally as their heat needs decline, as well as reducing the heat setting. It's practically fool proof, and you can brood right outside in the coop or run in any temperature, even below freezing. The chicks warm up as they need it under the pad and the rest of the time, they're running around having fun. Mine had an entire pen in the run in which to grow up right next to the adult flock. Integration later on was a breeze since the chicks grew up in proximity to the rest of the flock.

Take a look at the thread on this forum, "Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder".
Heating pad is the way to go.

I do still use a light for the first day or two during the day,100 watt red bulb on a dimmer switch to adjust heat output, so I can get a good look at them and make sure they are eating, drinking and moving well....at night I shove coerce them under the heating pad to sleep in the dark.

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