16+ French Blk & French Blue C. Marans & F1 & F2 Olive Eggers *MARTY*


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Dec 16, 2008
Had to relist please pm or e-mail if you have any questions

16+ extra French Black & French Blue Copper Marans, and Olive Eggers F1 and F2 generation using pure Ameraucanas.

Want the sweetest Marans and olive eggers? Hoping to get a docile roo with your hatch? Well Marty my FBCM Rooster is everything you could want in a roo. His type is good although he could use some copper speckles in his chest and his tail is a bit long but he makes up for it with his personality. Marty is not only docile and friendly with me and my son but with all strangers. he has never shown aggression to any human at any time even with me messing with his ladies or my son chasing the flock as a child often does. Marty has even been featured on Pet talk in CT and has learned not to crow when outside (that took 3 years to train and was not easy). Anyway his offspring almost always are sweet just like him and I have had several people contact me to tell me about their Marty Jr's and the happiness they get from their girls and the dark eggs.

Presently Marty is with FBCM hens and a FBlue CM hen and a few pure Ameraucanas, as well as a F1 generation Olive egger who I am breeding back to him to get an even darker olive than the one in the pic below.

You will receive all 3 types of eggs. They will be packaged very well see my thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=289676

You may have seen my egg pics elsewhere but rest assured I am the actual owner of the pics and they came from my hens.


f1 generation Olive Egger egg featured below I do not have an F2 egg as of yet to know the color.


Pic of Marty and some of the girls taken last week there are a few random breeds I have with them for egg eating for my family I will not be sending eggs from them.
Then there are some older pics after.








Oh whaaaa, out bid again! Someone is going to get a really beautiful bunch of eggs!

Happy Sunday!

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