18+ Duck & Chicken Hatching Eggs! 1 Day Auction!


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Aug 8, 2009
The Oregon Coast
1 Day Auction so I can get them in the mail asap.

This Auction is for 6+ Fertilized Duck Hatching Eggs & 12+ Chicken Hatching Eggs! I always include extras!

We have a variety of Breeds such as Pekins, Crest, Black Swedish, Blue Swedish, Cayuga, & Khaki Campbell. They are free range so you will get mixed & possibly purebred Ducks. Right now the eggs look like they are coming from the Pekin Females so you will most likely get Pure Bred Pekins &/or Mix.

We have a variety of Breeds such as Americanas, Araucanas, Barred Rocks, Turkens, Shaver Reds, Sexlinks, and many more! They are free range so it is possible to get mixed & purebred chickens.

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