18 hour power outage

Kim Burgess

In the Brooder
May 4, 2018
My power was off for 18 hours on chicken eggs day 19of incubation. incubator dropped down to 42 . I'm now on day 22 and no movement from the eggs. What are their chances
Give it another day or two. 42 is really low so most likely no.,

Was your incubator inside your house?

I keep mine in the house and out of the basement. So when outages occur I can wrap the incubator with lots of towels and even a quilt, and I never open it when an outage occurs.
Still pretty good. Just give them a few extra days. It’s happened that an incubator was turned off on day 23, and all hope was lost for the remaining eggs. A few days later the incubator was finally being cleaned out, and there were all the rest of the chicks.
So, give them time. Then (when you give up), candle to look for pips, do a float test (if there are no pips), and/or slowly open the egg. You don’t want to throw an egg in the trash, and hear peeping!!

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