18 Rhode Island Red Eggs-Includes Shipping 1 Day BIN!!


11 Years
Jan 10, 2009
This is for one day!! Will mail out on Wednesday!! Good healty stock, hardy chicks! Good feedback from BYCer's with their hatches. Very fertile eggs!! Paypal to: [email protected]

If you want to send a MO or cash, please PM me.


edited to say that this is a "Buy It Now" for 1 day
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I don't want to speak for the seller, but I believe it is "Buy It Now"

I just hatched out some of these chicks. 18 were shipped, 2 were destroyed the USPS. 9 of the remaining 16 hatched. Pretty dang good odds with shipped eggs. Chicks are doing great!
Do you have any pictures of the eggs? (I don't have room in the incubator right now anyway, but just asking for future reference since I'd like some later! - thanks!)
I have these RIR eggs setting in my incubator right now. My first time with this seller.:<)
Both packing, fast shipment and friendly communication was beyond reproach.
Beautiful, big brown and clean eggs. Buy with confidence, on day 18 (today) I have 9 eggs developing! I broke the 10th by accident ....and the others were scrambled by the PO. I reccomend!

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