19 weeks + six pullets = 1 egg

Congrats on the egg. I'm getting them here and there from my nearly 19 week old pullets. Still haven't identified the guilty party and they're really small eggs.
Lucky you!!! Mine are 19 weeks today and still waiting.

Do you know what breed it was?
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I think it was one of my two black sex-links,( I think they were called Red Rocks), probably Robin because she's been squatting for me for about two weeks. The other B.S-L, Lil' Crow started squatting just about 5 days ago and my EE Ester is squatting now but I've heard that EEs take forever to lay. I have two red sex-links, same age but they're still just rambuncious adolescents.
Also Robin wouldn't cuddle up with her broodmates last night. She stayed on the lowest roost by herself. The egg was on the floor under where she slept

HOORAY! 19 weeks + 6 pullets= 1 egg +1 more = 2. I went to clean the coop and found another tiny pink egg in one of the nest boxes. Another pullet has earned her "big girl status". This is so exciting. I can't wait until tomorrow to see if there's more.
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