1st chick to hatch has blood in shell??? Help!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Princess Laya, May 24, 2010.

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    This is my first hatch. I read 6 books about incubation and did tons of online research. I am kicking myself now for wanting unique breeds that I couldn't find locally. Because, of the 20 mail order eggs, only three remain. One oozed the second day. Three started smelling along the way and the rest just didn't show any development and so I discarded them at day 14. When I cracked them all open not a single one showed any signs of development. There was not even a blood ring. I was very picky about my temp and humidity. I used three thermometers. What went wrong? My assumption is that they were irrevocably scrambled in the mail.

    But two showed normal growth when candled and one was just too dark to see inside. I am on day 22. The first chick to hatch last night, had blood all over the inside of the shell. It fluffed out and is still alive this morning. It is sill in the incubator. Is this an indication of Mushy chick or something else??? Do I need to do anything special for it when I remove it from the incubator? I am worried to open it up because I was still hoping to give the other two eggs a chance.

    Any ideas??? [​IMG]

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    that is a sign your temp was to high, if there is just some blood in the egg no need to worry as long as the chick is not bleeding your fine
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    Quote:Sometimes a chick inadvertently breaks a capillary of its membrane when it pips. If the chick wasn't bleeding from its umbilicus when it hatched out, you ought to be fine. The other 2 may still hatch, and you can leave the chick in there for 24 hours to encourage them without it needing any food or water. It has the yolk to sustain it.

    Search for a thread regarding identifying the difference between fertile and infertile eggs. There are excellent photos that will allow you to see whether the eggs that didn't develop were fertile or not- even after cooking for 14 days.

    I've never had a yolk break in an egg that didn't break in the mail, though I've heard lots of folks say they got scrambled eggs. I have seen fertile eggs NOT develop, though they had a clear bulls-eye on the yolk. It seems that sometimes it just doesn't develop- even when damage doesn't show.

    Some of my best hatch rates came from eggs that had the membrane break during shipping. It's all a toss-up!
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    I wouldn't worry a lot about a little blood in the shell. It could be one of a few things but if the chick is ok I wouldn't worry about it.

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