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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Bart1, Mar 2, 2012.

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    So excited to recieve my baby chick from murry mcmurry. I am getting 25 chicks, I have my brooder ready but i have my infrared light above but leaving it right at the top of the lid I can only get it up to 80-85 degrees. Hoe close can you have the light above the pine chips and paper towels that is safe from creating a fire? And how hot must it be for the 3 day old chicks? Must it be 95-100 degrees? Thanks for any advice. i am very excited I have always had chickens 6-7 months and above. never chicks.

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    I think 90 to 95 is okay for the first week or two of life for the chicks. I know with my infrared light I could have it about a foot above the lid and it would still get the brooder to 95. I'm assuming your brooder is in the garage or somewhere other than in a warmed home? Another option is to use two heat lamps. You can run one or both depending on the changing air temps. Another option is the Brinsea Ecoglow which is a heater for brooding chicks. If you look it up on Amazon you'll see what I mean.

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