$2.18 for FOUR pickled red beet eggs!!!


The Crazy Chicken Lady
11 Years
Mar 31, 2009
Eastern/Central PA
DH and I just went shopping at our local grocery store. We both stood looking at the Red Beet Eggs - $2.18 for FOUR! Needless to say, we will be making a gallon jar tomorrow with maybe 40 eggs in it!

I think DH is finally realizing all of the perks of owning chickens!
Yes, they are a PA dutch specialty, I think. You hard boil eggs and peel them, then add vinegar, some sugar, and red beets. They need to pickle for at least 3 days. They are very yummy!

There's a recipe on BYC for them. They are SOOOO good!
Red Beet Eggs are very special
especially in Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

We hard boil eggs, peel them then soak for a couple of days in red beets with juice, vinegar and sugar. Some people add cloves, onions or other spices.

The eggs turned red down to the yolks if you leave them soak long enough. They are great on salad or just eaten alone.


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