2 Blue Sumatra cockerels for Free (TSC bantam bin)


Mar 12, 2019
North Carolina
Well, they were bantam binners, so they probably (aka almost definitely) aren't purebred, but they are very handsome young laddies. If you are interested please, give me a shout (or post- I doubt a shout would quite reach me ;)). I'm also giving away 1 Black Sumatra and a Red Laced White Cornish Bantam.
All four are about 16-17 weeks of age. I'll give 'em in any combination. I only have a couple weeks time limit so the sooner the better. I live in Youngsville, NC, near both the Wake Forest and Louisburg areas. Sorry to be posting even more roosters on here- I can't keep them where I live. Thanks!
P.S. I'll post pics with their names at some point soon!!
Hey, how far would you be willing to drive towards Maysville NC, im about 2 and a half hrs from youngsville. thx in advance
Willing to meet you halfway- around an hour drive for both of us (depending where you live of course).
I really hope you folks can work something out. I wish I was closer, that's a fantastic offer!
Sorry, I meant where you live in Maysville! Should’ve been more clear.
According to Google maps, about halfway would be La Grange or Snow Hill.
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