2 broody hens no roster


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10 Years
Feb 13, 2009
Last year May a bought 50 hens. eat 38 kept 12 in my 25 x 14 hen house. the door to the run and to go free range are away open . I haven't lost 1 yet . OK 2 hens went broody so i went to a friends and got 4 fertile eggs put two under each. they hatched 10 Days ago . Since then they wont let the other 10 hens in the house at night to roost . It's weird today the hens took the little ones outside to free range and all the other hens came over to check the little ones out and the 2 moms didn't even flinch ? Do ya think they might let them in the house to sleep soon ?
Probably. They like to keep them really close the first few days and then they relax a bit. I've never had them deny access to the coop before though--Those must be some mean mammas!!
LOL no at least I didn't think so . I hope they let them in soon they roost all over the place my boat truck deck poop everywhere.

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