2 day old chick pasty butt plus ???

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by renochicks, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Hi all, I got chicks for the first time two days ago. Five out of six seem to be doing well, but one (black sex link) has had to have her butt cleaned off several times already for what looks to be the start of pasty butt. Tonight, when I checked on them, she also had some red, raw tissue above where I had to remove the stool. I'm not sure if the stool dropped from this hole and got stuck on her fluffy feathers, or if the other chicks are pecking her in her backside and creating a whole new hole (gruesome, and I feel ridiculous not knowing what I'm looking at). She is a bit smaller than the other chicks and seems a little out of it, but chirps loudly when held and is eating and drinking. I'm not sure whether to separate her from the others, or what else to do. I'm about to go put vegetable oil on her backside as suggested in other threads. Any other advice would be welcomed!
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    I would keep cleaning her with some warm water than dry it gently with a warm blow dryer as often as needed. I'm not sure about using oil, I think that would attract the others attention. Many times pasty butt is from stress or being too hot or cold, I have read sprinkling some raw cornmeal with their food can help, though I haven't tried it yet. I would check your brooder temperature and adjust it if necessary, you are wanting around 85-90, most healthy chicks will stop having it after a couple of days, if it continues there could be something wrong with the chick.
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    OHLD gives good advice above.
    The oil, just a little tiny bit of oil, is too keep poop from sticking to the down feathers.
    You have to be very careful removing and stuck poop, wet it until it softens so as not to damage skin.

    A little redness shouldn't be a problem, unless the other chicks are pecking it.
    Watch closely for this. If they are pecking, put chick in a wire cage in brooder near heat to keep the other chicks away from it.
    1/2" hardware cloth for a little chick chamber right in brooder.

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    I used Vaseline on my last batch I had two that had swollen vents protruding almost prolpase. Cleaning it and atb ointment for 3 days then vasoline.for 2 and it cleared
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    Copaiba essential oil diluted with olive oil will soothe and heal the vent if plain oil or petroleum based things don't work. You will hear others panic and emphatically warn against using essential oils on birds. Certain oils shouldn't be used but some are safe and I've been using them for years with excellent results. I have healed prolapsed vents on quail and chickens using Copaiba balsam oil mixed with olive oil. It's an anti inflammatory and it can help with preventing infection. If you can separate her too, like the previous poster suggested, that would be best. Anything not the color of shavings or food attract them. Red or pink will entice pecking. Let us know how it goes. Good luck.

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