2 days late peeping silky and mama abandoned


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May 15, 2016
Does a mama need to sit on a hatching chick? Mama is tending to other chicks and one is left to hatch on its own. It's 2 days late. Half the egg is cracked. I can see it moving. Do I leave it alone or put mama on it?
I'm afraid she is unlikely to sit on this egg if she has taken the other chicks from the nest. Once she feels hatch is complete her hatched chicks become her priority and not any unhatched chicks.
If the egg you have remaining is still alive and moving I would move it somewhere warm and mister the crack that's in it. From what you have described it sounds like it has gotten into difficulty zipping out of the egg. By moistening the zip you should be able to finish the zip off for it. Do you have a heat lamp? Or even a desk lamp you could put over it in a box to keep it warm once you have finished the hatch for it? If you can keep it warm and alive you could try adding it back under your hen at night when it is dark and she is settled. Fingers crossed she will accept it.

Check out this article on finishing a zip ~ https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/step-by-step-guide-to-assisted-hatching
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Chick cracked a hole half way around egg. Mom won't sit on it. I put it under a heat lamp and gently pulled off rest of crack around. Chick pushed out of egg but is still attached to embryo. I see the yolk. I think it's going to die. It's breathing heavy. No blood. No mor chirping unless I touch the egg. Leave it alone? It's under a heat lamp with damp paper towels.
No blood is good but can you certainly see yolk? I can't see any yolk sac in the pic.

If you do see yolk sac you can pop it into a small cup to see if it will absorb the rest of it. The link I left you above has a section on unabsorbed yolk.
Yes. I see the attached umbilical cord and the yolk. What about the cup?
Can you post a pic please of the umbilical cord and yolk? It may just be the cord and some hatch debris that your seeing.

If it is unabsorbed yolk put the chick into the cup under the heat to stop it moving about. If it does have yolk still to absorb you need to try and stop it from rupturing the yolk sac.
I think that is just hatch debris and cord. I know I'm a pain but could you get a pic without the red light on please? It makes it hard to decipher colours with the red on it.

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