2 doz + Assortment of pure duck eggs

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    I have 2 doz + Assortment of duck eggs
    I would like to get them out today.
    $35 Shipped Shipping included in price.
    They were collected over the weekend.
    Al ducks are pure and in their own pens.
    I will inclued all eggs laid today also.
    I will also mark the breeds if you'll like.
    You will get

    Runner duck eggs ( Mixed color) Hatched from sebrightmom
    I have 12 eggs from them now
    Blue and white drake and Blue drake over Blue and fawn hens.


    Muscovy duck
    2 Chocolate Drakes and 1 dark blue pied Drake over
    Chocolate, Dark Blue pied, Light Blue Pied, and one white hens
    Have hatched lots of chocolates from these eggs and also hatched a pretty Dark blue pied Drake from these group.
    Cayuga and runners are not in with them anymore.
    have 6 eggs so far


    SQ Black Cayugas
    Have won Reserve Medium champion and Medium Champion with these ducks.
    These eggs are left over from my other orders
    Hvae 6 eggs


    Please Click Buyitnow Button
    My paypal is [email protected]
    I will start packing after you buy

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