2 eggs then nothing!

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    My 7 month old Olive Egger just started laying last month. She layed a gorgeous dark green egg then a few days later laid another one. She hasn't laid since! What's the problem? Do I just need to have patience?
    She is 1/2 Black Australorp (daddy) and 1/2 EE (mom).

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    My BO did the same thing! She laid 4 eggs in 5 days, then stopped. She took an 11-day break, then resumed laying and has laid every single day since (14 days straight). Who knows what happened but I guess its just pullet's working the kinks out as they get started laying.
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    I have been there!
    My pullets were all 7 1/2 months old when we got one egg..and then 8 when we got another!
    I think they are just getting used to the whole egg laying business/life.

    And I had a mother hen (age unknown) who laid one egg after her chicks were 6 months old, and didn't lay another egg for about two months!

    It's all about patience with the newbie egg layers!!

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