2 "flukes" in a row? Or a potential problem?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by chickmomma03, Sep 28, 2015.

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    The other day I posted about how one of my hens (golden sex link) laid a double no shell egg (surged together, I'm positive it was a double). This evening I went out to the coop and she was on the nesting shelf sort of panting again (breathing through her mouth, no odd sounds or anything like that, she just looked kind of tired) in a position that told me she was likely going to lay again (I couldn't get a video clip because it was getting dark outside and my camera on my phone doesn't do well with dimmer areas). As I was observing (out of sight, but I could see well enough) I thought she was going to push an egg out, instead, a clearish/white mess comes out (I did NOT disturb her, I checked after she finished everything and noticed there was clear with white streak and some yolk), at first I thought "****, that's a watery poop, I'm a dork I know). I went back inside briefly because I HAD to finish cooking dinner (less than 5min). I finished making dinner/serving it to the kiddo and headed back out because I was worried about her. I go back in and she's not outside and not on the shelf, she moved to the nesting bin. So I watched and waited for a few minutes and she's just kind of crouched there, still panting a little. She finally decides to hop out of the box and head outside (she was the only one in the run at that point) and there is a fresh lay. She laid another double no shell, first busted when she was up on the nesting shelf.

    Anyways, this is twice in a row. She's 5mos 1wk old. Her pair (another golden sex link) has laid a few beautifully developed speckled brown eggs now. I know that no shell are common, but double no shell, and for them to be back to back concerns me. I'm hoping these 2 incidents are flukes, and that as she goes along everything is fine. I worry that if it continues and the shell forms it could really harm her. [​IMG]
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    I had recently read how the act of panting can cause soft shelled eggs, are you somewhere hot, your hen is still young and her body is trying to even things out, there's not a lot you can do for her except feed her right and minimize stress, hopefully she will straighten out, the egg production in a hen is quite complex, and I'm surprised how often they get it right. Good luck.
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    Make sure she is getting a "Layer Feed" and that she has access to oyster shell for calcium. Sometimes it takes a while for a new layer to get it right. Good luck.

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    This one? https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/1022908/if-i-didnt-see-it-for-myself-i-wouldnt-believe-it

    Hard to say if she's gonna have a long term problem or not,
    I'd just keep an eye on her as there's really nothing yo c an do and it's still early in the game for a new layer.
    2 in a row is disconcerting, I empathize....try to be patient.

    Stress panting can happen with a new layers, I've seen it numerous times, not really a concern.
    Laying softshells can make them act extra weird, standing stock still for a long time....seen that a few times too, freaked me out the first time.
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    Yea, she stood still like she was trying to "recover", but I wasn't really too concerned with her not moving off the eggs. The panting kind of reminded me of when my dog had puppies.

    I have a rooster and was told it's not a good idea to put the hens on a laying feed because I have a rooster. They're still young so they're on chick feed, but I bought oyster shells for them yesterday. Someone suggested keeping them on the chick feed and just free offering the oyster shells to them.

    Yea aart, that was the first one. I didn't take a picture of yesterday's though I should have. I just came in, cooked it, went back out to bring it to the chickens, and came back in for dinner.

    I live in North Carolina (in the "valley" aka between the mountains and the beaches), so it can get pretty hot here, but lately it's not been too hot, 70s and 80s with rain.

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