2 mixed puppies. East Milton , Florida

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    Apr 21, 2008
    Milton, Florida
    Hi! I have 2 mixed 6 months old puppies I need to get read of. About 3 weeks ago they showed up at neighbor house. We took them back to the owner several times. On the last return we were told they did not like the dogs. My neighbors whom has 4 dogs them selves and me with 5 we know we can not keep them. Last weekend my neighbors had to move back home to help then oldest sonand had no more room for these guys. So I said I would look out for them. They just showed back up yesterday and started breaking in our yard. I finally had enough and brought them to the main yard. I was tried of getting them out of the chicken coops which they tried to get several of them. So these guys are not good with chickens of any kind. They are alittle scared when hand is up so I believe they have been abused some but are young enough to over come it. They get along with other dogs, goats, horses, cats and young children. I need to find homes asap. They are lab mixes so they will be big. They are around 6 months old. One is black and the other is brownish / red. They have been dewormed. The Pound will just put them down because they are over run and most shelters are too. I would like to get them a home fast . I am asking 25.00 each OBO rehome fee just to make sure they go to a good home. I paid 50.00 each for vet bill just for check up and deworming. I have pictures if you would like to see them.
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