2 part Potatoe dish for quail.

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    A BYC member asked me for this so I figured I would post it. [​IMG]

    Roasted Potato side dish and stuffed quail recipe

    Mix in Pyrex pan the following or any thing you like really. I add other stuff when the garden is in season. But the basics are
    Potatoes (any kind) cubed 1/2 inch
    Carrots 1/2 inch pieces
    Onions diced (any kind)
    Peppers diced (any kind)
    Slices of fresh garlic

    and all the seasonings you see here(S&P, Garlic powder, onion powder, cayanne, paprika, tyme etc...) or you can just use the McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning (same difference I just make my own cause I like my stuff to be organic)

    Chirizo Sausage (photo of my favorite) (this is optional but really good. You can substitute for a different one or bacon even.

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees

    mix all veggies together and give good sprinkling of your seasonings mix that in too cover in one whole stick of butter cut into 1/2 inch pieces and spread on top put in oven.

    if you add sausage cook it now until about 1/2 way done in a pan on the stove, drain greese, then cut up and add to mix that is in the oven it will cook the rest of the way in with the veggies.

    Cook for about an hour or more mixing it up on occasion, once you can easily push fork through largest piece of potato it is ready to be caramelized.

    Do this by turning on the broiler and what it closely while the top of the mix darkens and gets a nice crisp to it.

    Take out and eat as a side dish to any meal!

    Next day take left over that you stored in the fridge into the cavity of your quail, wrap quail in bacon and bake at 3:75 till done. Again doing the quick broil will make your bacon crispy.




    I forgot to take any more pis as i was hungry and we ate it before I remembered but you get the idea. [​IMG]
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    Awesome. Thank you. Definitely will try it out!
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    Looks good! [​IMG]

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