2 part question/comment...any suggestions?

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    My rooster crowed for the first time on Sunday morning for about 30 minutes (it was awesome!) but he hasn't done it since......
    Normal? guess there's nothing I can do if he doesn't want to crow but just curious.....

    we don't have eggs just yet but i've been asked if we will be selling them..... We will be giving some to family etc depending on how many we get and the frequency.. but my queston is how much do you sell your eggs for?
    Around here, I've seen $.75 - $4 a dozen. (huge gap there) I know I can go to the Amish meat market semi-locally and get brown farm fresh eggs for $1.25. (that's not a bad price IMO) I just wondered what was reasonable...

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    Is he your only rooster? If so, that is perfectly normal. He'll crow when he wants to or when he is trying to impress someone. When they are young, they practice their crowing. Sometimes they sound absolutely AWFUL. Sometimes the noise is so weird, you might not recognize it as being him. Don't worry. He'll crow aplenty before long.

    As for the price of eggs.... my girls are organic - sometimes free-ranging, no antibiotics if we can possibly keep from it, no hormones, etc. I sell my eggs (nice-sized brown eggs) for $1.75 to $2.00 a dozen. Some people are getting $3.00 a dozen around here though.

    Hope this helps.

    Also hope you have a GREAT EVENING!!

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