2 Peas piped, 1 dead


6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
How frustrating when clucking over eggs for a month then finally see the beak emerge only to watch it die hours later.
I am not sure what happened other than it piped at the mid-line instead of toward the top. I thought perhaps it was malpositioned but hoped that it would work itself out. It only lived about 9 hours after it's air hole appeared ;( I peeled some of it back to see if I could get an idea of what went wrong. It appears that it's butt was in the large end and head was mid way down with right wing over it's head which is, I believe, where the wing should be but not sure about head being below it's butt.
Hoping the next one will be ok.
Let humidity be more than 60%.. 70% is great... they are getting stuck from low humidity.... that's just a guess.... because I hear of many hatch even tha wrong way... sorry for your loss... hope the other one hatch...
Just got home from work. Hatchling has curled feet. Toes turn inward. Any chance they will straighten out? Other egg had piped before I left this morning. Paper towels dried out so added more water. Not much movement but could hear it chirping very faintly. Wet my finger to apply to membrane around the break. What else can I do? I did peel some more back. The membrane is completely white and dry, free from blood. Pea is still alive but how much can you help?
ok, feet are straightening up fine. egg bound pea nice and moist just biding it's time zipping out of inner membrane. whew. Losing the first one has me freaky LOL!
How are the baby chicken doing , after reading your post i am getting a bit worried as i am also hatching some eggs in incubator and its their 15th day and the temperature has been fluctuating , i am worried that my chicks might also have some kind of disability
They are Peafowl and the feet did in fact return to normal. The last one finally pushed out but it appears swollen.
Here is first one which has small head and body then this one is large head and swollen abdomen. Don't know if it's from too much hydration, not enough time in the shell to pick, too much time and got too big to pick??? I guess the more experiences one has, the more you know but do hope it makes it. Has bald spot on head so looks like it was stuck to the shell at one time. One thing about this bigger one, it is getting up and moving a lot quicker than the first one. Hope that is a good sign. Hate to think I didn't let it get strong enough by allowing it to push on the shell longer but know that it was stuck so fingers are crossed.
Pictures of both.

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Both birds are doing beautifully Second one is drying down to looking pretty normal so no swollen neck and abdomen has gone down after absorption; Last one due tomorrow and I can put away the incubators YAY!
i am glad to know that they are doing fine , May God bless them with health and brings happiness in your life

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