2 possible moronic questions - inside coop design

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  1. Hi All,

    I live on the Oregon coast.... Moisture in the air and it rains 85 inches a year. Should I paint the inside of the coup which is mostly utility grade exterior ply?

    Also, would sand be the best litter for the bottom of the coop?

    No Laughing,,,, just straight helpful answers.. :)
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    I guess you could paint the interior or put some kind of preservative on it, if you really want to. My coop is made out of plywood and I left the inside bare and find that has worked out for me. I clean my coop almost every day but once every several months I like to clean out the entire coop, including the walls, and I pressure wash it and spray it down with some mixture of clorox. As for the floor liter a lot of people have found that sand works well for them especially if you are going to use the deep liter method. I love sand for the outside run area but for the inside of the coop I much prefer pine wood chips.
  3. Thanks Capvin, I am wondering if wood shavings would just soak up the moisture in the Oregon Coast air and create an unhealthy enviornment for the girls? As far as painting the inside of the coop... I know it's not for the chickens viewing pleasure, just wondered if it had any advantages.
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    Painting the inside of the coop (White) helps reflect light around the inside of the coop and really brightens things up. Also, with the inside painted (Again white) it really helps seeing things you don't want in the coop like bugs and spiders. As far as using shavings on the west coast with high humidity like you have, I don't really have an answer for that, hopefully somebody that lives out there can help you out.

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