2 weeks no eggs, limp comb\ droopy eye, and we found some bugs!

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    May 24, 2011
    Im sorry if this is not the right section for my question, but im a bit lost here, because i need a cure, but it also has to do with egg problems.....[​IMG]

    Limp Comb and droopy eye..... I have noticed the last couple days that one of my girl's Comb has fallin to one side and is losing a bit of its colour, when before it stode stright up and was bright red, and when i was inspection her yesterday for ticks, i notice three or four Little tiny bug on my arms, they looked like a very small cockroach, but pale green and see through. SHOULD I BE WORRIED????,

    (Its bad this year, i have found a couple on my golden, and we use advantrix and a tick collar, yet we still find them; would DE work on ticks? should i dust Lady bird like i do my chickens?)

    It has now been two weeks and no more eggs. i have read all the list of reasons why chickens would stop laying....

    -FEED...(been feeding them grain, soja protien, sprinkle of oyster shells and a bunch of veggies for our kitchen; but after the first week of no eggs switched to commercial pellets, and lower the amount of protein)

    -Water...( I check\\clean water couple times a day, have two waterers, one 3L and another 15L, i have a Large barrel that catches the rain water, it has no smell or algie growth, a few bugs swinning around in it though)

    -Decreasing day length...(there is day light from 6am to 10pm, that means 16 hours of day light, i think that is more then enough)

    -Molt..... (nope)

    -Broodiness.... (this neither, there aren't any eggs to sit on, and when they did lay, they left the nesting box right after)

    -Flock health...( does a limp comb count as not healthy, because beside that they are running around, scratching for bugs, chripping, clucking, and flapping)

    -Age.....( two chickens are 7 months old and had already started to lay, and the Sussex is just over 4 so i under stand why she is not, but why did the other two stop?)

    -Poor nutrition....( i dont think so, some days they eat better then me!)

    -Stress...(Maybe, i did introduce a new girl just over two weeks ago, the sussex, but they established the pecking order and all seems good, they have a coop that is
    3w x 7L x 4H feet and a run that is over 100 foot Sq. and two nesting boxes for three chickens, so they have room to roam, BUT the sussex sleeps in the nesting box she still doesn't roost, would that do it? )

    Should i be worried? [​IMG] No eggs; Limp Comb and droopy eye; and little tiny pale green bugs![​IMG]

    advice please
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    Perhaps it is lice and / or mites, and the stress from them is causing the problem. Boty lice/mites and worms can actually kill them, or at least make them very sick, if the infestation is severe enough. I have no idea what king=d of bug you saw, though. I'll give you some links to help you out with this.


    http://healthybirds.umd.edu/Disease/Deworming Birds.pdf



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